JavaScript Developer

Job description

As Atölye15, we are a close-knit team based in Izmir that works on global projects, partnering with clients from all over the world. Either working from the office or remotely; being a JavaScript Developer in our team will provide you with the opportunity to take part in those projects, where you can present your ideas and contribute to a great product from scratch to going live. Join us on a quest to build great web and mobile applications together.

You can view our frontend development stack from this link. Get a clearer idea of how we approach the projects we develop from the podcast here. And you can have a glance at our Instagram profile.


  • 3+ years experience in the industry as a JavaScript Developer
  • Good knowledge of TypeScript, GraphQL, React, ESNext
  • Experience in testing and its techniques
  • Knowledge of data structures and software architecture, design principles
  • Knowledge of functional and object-oriented programming principles
  • Create and maintain reusable libraries and components
  • Familiarity with module bundlers, such as Webpack
  • Feeling comfortable with strict linting rules
  • Experience in using Git for source control
  • Having the habit of writing clean and useful documentation
  • Bonus point if you have experience with TDD, BDD, DDD, etc.
  • Bonus point if you have experience in managing an open-source project

Tools & Technologies we use in Atölye15:

  • Backend: TypeScript, Nest.JS, Node.JS, TypeORM, GraphQL, Jest, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Redis
  • Frontend: React, TypeScript, GraphQL, Sass, Jest, Webpack, Gulp, ESNext, Linters, Cypress

    Perks of working with us;

    • Global Clients: Work with clients from the USA, Germany, UK, and around the world.
    • Salary Review: You will get an annual increase in your salary up to %50.
    • Premium Bonuses: Benefit from referral, retention, and meetup bonuses additionally.
    • Relocation Package: We offer a relocation package that makes life easier and makes you feel at home in Izmir.
    • Private Health Insurance: Your health is our priority, and we got you covered whenever you need to.
    • Agile Dev Team: Have the opportunity to work with an Agile expert team to create great products.
    • Self-Improvement: Free learning resources, internal training, funding for local conferences, and events.
    • Tech Talks & Meetups: Share and improve your knowledge with the community.
    • MacBook Pro & Monitors: All the equipment you need for your convenience is provided to you.
    • Breakfast, coffee, chef-made lunches, fresh fruits: Start your day full and happy, continue with delicious meals, accompanied by fresh coffee!
    • Recreation Activities: Work in a great atmosphere; and relax with FIFA, Jam Sessions, Taboo, and various Board Games.